Weekdays – $125 per hour (evenings require 5 hour minimum)
Weekdays – All Day Package (9 am – 11pm ) – $1000
(For hourly rentals set-up and clean-up hours must be included in rental period)
* All weekday parties must end by 10 pm and premises vacated by 11 pm.

Friday (5 pm to Midnight) – $1000
Friday All Day Package (9 am – Midnight) – $1500

Saturday – Day (9 am – 4 pm) – $750
Saturday – Evening (5 pm – Midnight) – $1500
Saturday All Day Package 9 am – Midnight) – $2000
* All Friday & Saturday parties must end by 11 pm and premises vacated by midnight.

Sunday – $125 per hour (evenings require 5 hour minimum)
Sunday All Day Package (9 am – 11 pm) – $1250

Overtime Hours:
Rental hours must include time for set‐up/breakdown, plan accordingly.
Overtime hours – $100 per hour – calculated in 30 minute increments
(not available for Saturday – Day events)

* All rates are subject to increased special pricing for holidays & December 2017:

Add $250 to Wed‐Sat. Rentals December 2017.
Add $50 hour to Sun.-Tues. rentals in December 2017.

On Site Equipment:
* 8 banquet tables (6 foot)
* 4 Round tables (seat 8‐10)
* 4 Tall or Short Cocktail Tables
* 35 chairs
~ Set-up Fee of $50/hr waived for above if you set up & break down the room.
* Projector—$75 (or bring your own)
* Projector Screen—$25 (or bring your own)
* Tents ‐ $75 each (or bring your own)
* House linen rental is $10/linen-black only (or bring your own)

Other charges:
* Wedding/Bar & Bat Mitzvah Surcharge May Apply: $500
* Rental of Temple Room (an additional 1000sf of space!): $50 Hour (3 hour minimum)
* Holiday weekend Sundays book at Saturday rates
* Pre‐holiday evenings and holidays are subject to weekend rates.

Cleaning Charges:
Walk Away Cleaning Fee (our crew cleans the room) is 2 people x $50 per hour.
Mandatory for daytime events except meetings.
*Cleaning Fees do not apply if left Broom Clean.
(Broom Clean = room looks just like you found it with trash brought out, floors & surfaces clean, and all tables/chairs put away, etc)

* Parties of 50 or more that involve food and beverages will typically need the floors mopped by our staff after the event, which will incur a minimum of $75 cleaning charge.

* We have a strict NO GLITTER POLICY. Events that have any form of glitter will be charged $250.

Deposit: 50% of event rental fee
Rental/Damage Deposit (non‐refundable) will reserve your date. Deposit due with signed contract.
Deposit will be applied to the balance due if room is left Broom Clean

Client may purchase and supply own alcohol, or may be provided through your caterer. Alcohol must be served by a licensed bartender. If you provide your own alcohol we require you use The Clubhouse bartending staff at $35 per hour for beer and wine only and $50 per hour to include cocktails, 4 hour minimum. Wine tastings and/or sommelier services also available. No host cash bars provided by Ravishing Radish/Lavish, Kaspars Catering, or Act 3 Catering.

*SAVE MONEY – WA Sales Tax does not apply to venue rental as we are a non-profit!

* Ticketed events for the general public will incur alternative pricing.

* Monthly or Weekly frequent venue rentals may receive discounted rates.


First, contact us, and make sure your day is available. Then we will send you an invoice and contract to book the space!

1608 4th Ave. W – Seattle, WA